5 Best Places from Around the World to go Camping


5 Best Places from Around the World to go…

Going camping with family, friends, or by yourself can be such an amazing experience! You can unplug from the outside world, let go of your everyday worries, and head out to enjoy nature. And while there may be many lovely places to go camping in your area, what about around the world? Why not take a camping trip for your next holiday adventure? Check out these five amazing camping sites from all around the world!

1. Devon, England

devon england camping outdoors

I love England and it’s actually the first country my husband and I want to move to when we start traveling. The Devon coast is in the lower south-west part of England and has oceans, rivers, hills, cliffs, beaches, and plenty of wildlife. If you want a peaceful and relaxing place to camp where there are shops and restaurants nearby (just in case), this is the place for you!

2. Asturias, Spain

asturias spain outdoors camping

The above photo reminds me of Dracula, but the entire area is majestic and stunning – like being inside a movie. So, if you’re looking for historical cities, majestic mountains, valleys filled with clouds, and a lot of hiking, then this is the campsite for you.

3. Connemara, Ireland

connemara ireland camping outdoors

Ireland is gorgeous with emerald green fields, soaring mountains, sparkling lakes, and maybe even some wood elves and fairies hiding in the forests. If you want a magical adventure, check out this stunning part of the Emerald Isle.

4. The Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikal), Japan

setonaikai japan camping outdoors

Japan has plenty of amazing areas to explore, but this inland sea is a gorgeous, serene area to go camping and fishing. In the photo above you can see a quaint fishing village that you could always explore if you want to experience Japanese culture during your camping adventure. And if you have kids and they get bored, checking out local cities is a great way to entertain them while teaching them about other people, lifestyles, and cultures.

5. Ladakh, India

Ladakh India outdoors camping

Prayer flags are the highlight of this camping site in India. There is a beautiful cerulean blue lake, soaring hills, and mountains of sand with amazing views. If you want your camping trip to be a little more exotic, check out this camping site!

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