Exploring Caves


Exploring Caves

So, recently I watched some movies about caving or spelunking or (for my Irish/British audiences) potholing, and I’ve also visited Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN which is inside a cave, and the whole idea fascinates me. I would love to go inside already discovered caves, though I do love the thought of discovering an entirely new cave system. Of course, the dangers of getting trapped in a tight space, cave-ins, rock slides, and things like that certainly are terrifying. But then again, just driving to work is dangerous so we can’t let that stop us (and when have humans let anything stop us?)!

Anyway, caving is the pastime of exploring cave systems and it seems like a total blast! If you’re interested in doing some caving of your own, keep reading because I’ve listed several guides as well as great places for beginner cavers to go explore!

  • If you’re new to caving, you’ll definitely want to check out New to Caving which is a website designed specifically for newbies (a bit redundant, I know)! It explains how you can start caving, safety tips, what not to do when caving, and even gives you contact information if you’re ready to try it out for yourself! They have videos, guides, and a forum if you want more help, advice, or inspiration!
  • Another great place to find tips and information is on 50 Campfires which has an article devoted to caving or spelunking. It’s perfect for beginners and gives you a video, caves to tour, and a few helpful tips to get you started!
  • Next on the list is an article from Thought Co. that tells you exactly what kind of equipment you need to go caving. This is essential because, while I enjoyed visiting Ruby Falls, it is not caving – you just go down a mine elevator and walk through a pre-planned route with a tour guide, so you don’t need equipment. But if you’re doing the real thing you definitely want the right stuff for your safety and so you can get the most out of each cave you visit!
  • A final guide on caving comes from Fix.com with an amazing visual and reading article that tells you some of the top caves, helpful hints and tips, and ways that you can stay safe as you start exploring all the caves of the world!
  • For those who want to do some caving in the U.K., this post is a must because it shows you the top 10 best-caving destinations in the United Kingdom from Alum Pot, Yorkshire to Fingal’s Cave, Inner Hebrides.
  • And for my American audience, if you want to know what are the best caves to visit in the US, look no further than this article from Thrillist.com. They list 16 different caves all throughout the United States that are perfect for the hiker or spelunker in you! Just make sure you look up more details before visiting each one so you know if it’s right for a beginner and what you’ll need to go explore them!

I hope this article has inspired you to get out there and indulge in your natural human curiosity as you explore the marvelous caves and caverns of the world. In fact, why not make it a collection? Write down all the caves/caverns that you can get to, make a list, and then get out there and start exploring checking off each one as you go. And take lots of pictures!

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