Top 20 Outdoor Blogs You Should Follow


Top 20 Outdoor Blogs You Should Follow

Although our blog is awesome, we aren’t the only outdoor blog out there and we certainly can recommend some other incredible blogs! So, if you love the outdoors make sure you follow our blog, but also check out these 20 other amazing (but not quite as awesome *wink*) blogs!

1. Get Out with the Kids

If you have kids, you’ll love this blog! It teaches you how to find fun things to do outside with your kids and how to get and keep them active. It even has a club you can join with other families who love the outdoors!

2. Outdoor Women’s Alliance

Here at Tara Outdoors, we are all about empowering women and this blog is to inspire women to go outdoors and be active! Enjoy your life! Hiking, camping, rafting, mountain-climbing, all those outdoor sports, and adventures aren’t just for men. More and more women are going out on their own, or in groups, to just enjoy nature and have a lot of fun, or even make a living out of it.

3. The Blog of Trail Cooking

When you’re heading out on the trail, you want to have some good cookin’ to look forward to when you make camp! So, why not check out this tasty blog and get all kinds of recipes and great food ideas for your next outdoor adventure?

4. See Outside

A great all-around outdoor blog, they have articles on great gear, where to go for hiking, camping, etc. and ideas for your next adventure. So, make sure you head over and show that blog some love!

5. The Adventure Blog

We love to go on adventures and if you’re looking to expand your adventure vocabulary you’ll definitely want to explore this fun blog! While simple and a little old-school, this blog will give you great ideas for your next outdoor adventure as well as plenty of helpful hints and tips.

6. The Helpful Hiker

If you love to go hiking, you know you need plenty of blogs on the subject to give you important information on how to hike, what equipment to use, where to go, and so on. This blog has all of that and more so make sure you check them out before planning your next hiking trip!

7. Baby Routes

Having a family doesn’t mean you can’t go hiking. This blog is all about a mom who takes her family hiking with her and she gives you helpful tips on how you can do that, what kind of trails to go on, and so much more!

8. Beers at the Bottom

Are you a beer-lover and enjoy hiking? Then look no further than this blog which combines the two with fun and interesting articles that tell you where to find the best hiking spots and breweries.

9. Walking the Blog

If you are interested in hiking in the UK and Asia, this blog has a ton of great information on one man’s journey through amazing countries and the adventures he has, as well as hints and tips that you’ll need if you want to follow in his footsteps or make your own adventure!

10. Camping for Women

Another great blog for empowering women, this one is focused on women going camping. You don’t have to go with men, you can go alone or in a group of women. Learn the best places to go, safety tips, and so much more with this awesome blog!

11. Inspired Camping

Ever heard of “glamping”? If not, check out this site which explains what glamping is, where to do it, and how to go camping in style. No more average tents for you! Get glamping!

12. Caravan Times

Caravaning isn’t talked about much with outdoor activities but it is a great way to travel the country and explore different locations. This blog gives you information on how to caravan, what to caravan in, where to go, and so much more! Check it out today and get your own caravan to travel the world!

13. Caravan Chronicles

Another caravan blog, this one follows the writers through their own caravaning adventures so you can see it from the first-person perspective. Sounds like a great time to me!

14. Caravanning with Kids

If you have kids and still want to caravan, you’re in luck because this blog shows that it is possible! Get hints and tips on how to caravan with kids in tow so that you, and they, can all enjoy a family adventure together!

15. Ordinary Cycling Girl

A great outdoor activity is cycling or biking, and this blog tells you all about it! Learn the best bikes to use, where to go, training tips, and more!

16. Run Eat Repeat

Running isn’t just something you can do, you need to know the best techniques, footwear, time of day, and so much more if you want to do it right! This great blog has all that information plus a sense of humor!

17. Tailfish

This great healthy blog is all about your physical health, from what to eat to exercises you can do to get fit. Check it out today!

18. The Travel Hack

When you’re looking to travel with style and panache, this blog will help you. They have amazing destinations and plenty of travel tips to help you on your next around-the-world adventure!

19. Mummy Travels

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to put aside your dreams of traveling. Check out this mom’s blog about how she travels with her kids and her tips to you on how you can do it too!

20. Expert Vagabond

This blog shows that you can travel the whole world and make money while doing it! If that sounds like a dream of yours, why not check it out and see how he did it?

I hope you enjoyed our list of 20 of the best outdoor blogs and sites out there! Get started on your adventure today!

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