5 Unique and Spooky Hiking Paths: Part 1

5 Unique and Spooky Hiking Paths: Part 1

Sometimes you don’t want to just head out on a typical hiking experience. Sometimes you want something unique and maybe even a little spooky! If that’s you, check out these 5 unique and spooky hiking paths throughout the USA!

1. Black Diamond Mines, Antioch, California

If you want to head out to the San Francisco East Bay, you’ll find the Black Diamond Mines. According to legend, a woman called the White Witch who was executed (as a witch) when the children she was supposed to be caring for all suddenly and suspiciously died of illness, is said to haunt these mines along with another ghost. The second ghost is that of a young woman named Sarah Norton who apparently was run over by a carriage near the mines. Together, these ghosts are certain to haunt your imagination, if not your hike!

2. Chilnualna Falls Trail, California

A native American legend tells the story of a young boy who drowned in Grouse Lake, around which this trail leads. It is said that you can still hear the cries of the boy and, if anyone jumps in to try and rescue him, they will drown too. Whether you hear the cries or not, you might want to stay out of the lake, but this is certainly a fun and spooky trail for any adventurous explorer! Don’t stray too close to the edge of one of the three waterfalls either because another Native American legend tells of an evil spirit that just waits for overzealous adventurers to get too close so it can push them off to their deaths 240 feet below!

3. Almagre Mountain, Colorado

There are several airplane crash sites you can visit in Colorado, but this one, in particular, is in the Almagre Mountain. It is the crash of a UH-1 Huey helicopter and if you want to find it check out this site which gives you specific instructions. While there are no records of the crash or ghostly sightings, it is still an eerie and fascinating sight that can make for a very interesting hike!

4. Ghost Town of Rausch Gap, Pennsylvania

A town abandoned when the mining industry left the area, this spooky place is located just off the Appalachian trail. Although there are only ruins left, it is definitely eerie and a very interesting hike, as well as being a beautiful area. If you want more information you can check out this person’s hike to Rausch Gap.

5. Long Path, New York

If you want a very spooky experience, hike along the Long Path in New York which will lead you past the Letchworth Village Cemetery. Letchworth Village has a very tragic history where a nearby mental institution took in epileptic and feeble-minded people, mostly children, on whom they would experiment. Their patients were abused and neglected (so it was reported by newsman Geraldo Rivera in the 70s) and the cemetery you pass are the dead from that village and the institution. However, there is another side to the story that you may want to check out before judging the situation accurately. Either way, whatever the truth may be, it is certain that going on this hike will be eerie and haunting, yet beautiful in many ways.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my new hiking series on unique and spooky trails. I plan on continuing the series each week for a few weeks as I discover and relay more fascinating tales and adventures! Now get out there and travel the world!

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