24 Hiking Tips for the Ladies


24 Hiking Tips for the Ladies

Hey there ladies! Today we’re talking directly to you guys! If you love hiking but maybe you’re new at it or just want some extra tips for your next hike, you’ve come to the right place! Listed below are 24 hiking tips for ladies (and some for the gentlemen as well) taken from some awesome blogs and other sources if you want to check them out for more information. So, if you want some hiking tips to improve your next trip, keep reading!

1. What to Pack in the Adirondack’s

If you’re going hiking in the Adirondack’s, you’ll need to know what to pack. This great article is full of useful information on what to pack depending on what season you go in!

via Adirondack.net

2. 5 DIY Mini Emergency Kits

These brilliant tiny emergency kits are amazing! Whether you need a kit for first aid, sewing crisis, a sudden candle, get lost in the wilderness, or a more urban survival situation, this blog post has you covered!

via One Good Thing

3. Backpacking Hacks

If you are planning a backpacking trip you’ll definitely want to know some of this simple, yet very helpful information!

via Crafted in Carhartt

4. 22 Essential Diagrams for Camping

Although not every hiking trip requires camping, sometimes you will find yourself staying overnight. If that’s the case for your next trip, you’ll definitely love these 22 diagrams that are essential for camping!

via Buzzfeed

5. Bear Safety Tips

One of the hazards of hiking is that many places have bears. But, no need to fear as long as you have the information you need with these bear safety tips!

via Preparing for SHTF

6. Beginner Camping Tips

Again, if you’re hiking for several days and need to camp overnight, you definitely want some tips for camping. These tips are great for beginner hikers and campers!

via CampDotCom

7. 8 Exercises to Improve Your Hiking

It’s important to be in good shape when going hiking and these 8 exercises are certain to help you!

via Sierra Trading Post

8. Female Hygiene Tips

Many people don’t like to talk about taking care of female hygiene when out hiking or camping, but it is super important to be clean and healthy. Thankfully, we have this great blog post that will teach you, ladies, how to do just that!

via Vitchelo

9. Hiking Safety Tips

When you’re out hiking you want to make sure you are as safe as possible, and we want you to be safe too. That’s why we love this post all about hiking safety tips, which you should read before going on your next hiking trip!

via Survival Life

10. What to Wear Hiking

No matter what your gender or style, you need to wear the right clothing when hiking to be comfortable and safe. Check out this post which tells you exactly what you need for your next trip!

via Bearfoot Theory

11. How to Lace Hiking Boots

If you’re a new hiker or maybe you’ve just been struggling with your hiking boots, this post explains exactly how you should be lacing your hiking boots for comfort and safety!

via REI Co-op

12. Winter Camping and Backpacking Guide

For many of us, winter is still going to be around for another few months so it’s important to know how to camp or backpack safely, stay warm, and stay safe during the winter months!

via Thrifty Outdoors Man


We hope that these tips help you on your next hiking/camping adventure! Stay safe and keep loving the outdoors!

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